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What is Coral?

Coral is an NFT marketplace that focuses primarily on providing the best experience to its users. We aim to enrich the community by making NFTs more accessible to digital asset creators and collectors across the globe. Our users will be able to create, browse or purchase artworks and collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens on the public blockchain without using any cryptocurrencies. We are excited to announce that the wait is about to be over. We are about to bring NFTs to the mainstream! Subscribe to our platform to hear more from us!

Our Visions

Our vision to become a pioneer in a new asset class called NFT.

We believe that NFT brings about a unique value proposition to the world by providing authenticity, tracibility and transparency to the asset that it represents.

With cryptocurrency becoming digital representation of fiat money and other fungible assets, NFT would soon become the digital representation of all non-fungible assets.

By building a NFT marketplace, collectors will be able to truely own what they have purchased on a decentralised network and creators will be able to generate an extra revenue stream to support themselves.

We believe that we will be able to support both digital asset creators and collectors and ultimately create an ecosystem that is open, sustainable and most importantly, user centric.

Why Coral?

Low platform fee

On Coral, we charge you the minimum. We offer as low as 10% platform fee to our creators so that they can continue to create excellent products for their customers.

Settle transaction in fiat money

We believe that NFT should be accessible by anyone therefore, we have decided to integrate fiat money settlement on our platform. Our users can now create or buy NFT using credit cards or mobile transfer as a source of fund.

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